Why Use a Scaffold Tower Instead of a Step Ladder?

Scaffolding towers have become very popular pieces of DIY equipment. All over the web you can see them advertised and hire companies are promoting them massively. Why have they become so popular and why can’t you just use a step ladder?

It is fair to say that many tasks that you can do in a scaffold tower – particularly the towers aimed at the DIY market – could be carried out on a step ladder so why should you bother with going to the hassle of setting up a scaffold tower? Here are just two situations where a scaffold tower is a much better option than a ladder:

Uneven Ground


Using a step ladder safely on uneven ground is next to impossible – if you’re using it outside and the land slopes away from your property there is no way that you are going to be able to use a step ladder. However, you can get scaffold towers that have adjustable legs which allow up to 18″ of adjustment. Having this amount of adjustment means that you can safely set up the tower so that the platform you are working from is horizontal. Conversely to this I have never seen a ladder that has adjustable legs.





Trimming the top of a long tall hedge

hedgetrim3Trimming a hedge can be a painful exercise – you set up your ladder, put the secateurs in your pocket, cling on to the shears and climb up to the top of the ladder and then precariously lean to trim your hedge in to shape. The reality of this method is that you can only safely trim within a 3′ radius of the ladder – which is probably about a minutes work, after this you’re back down the ladder (with the tools), moving it along the length of the hedge and the process begins again…back up the ladder… Even basic scaffolding towers have a platform length of about 5′ so this give an obvious advantage straight away over using a step ladder – one climb up the scaffolding tower and you can easily trim 11′ of hedge. You can leave your tools at the top whilst you climb down and push the tower along the length of the hedge.

You may argue in both of these situations that it seems like a lot of effort to go to to setup a scaffold tower to trim a hedge or clear out some guttering. The reality is though that these scaffold towers come in kits that are so easy to assemble that the time it takes you to put the tower together will be far less than the time taken to go up and down a ladder 50 times.

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