Top 3 Uses of Scaffolding

Common uses for scaffolding are;

  1. For construction
  2. For repairs and renovations
  3. For events

1 – For Construction

Regardless of the scale of construction jobs, big or small, they usually require scaffolding. This is so that workers can complete jobs safely when working at height.

Some Common examples of the types of scaffolding are:

  • Supported scaffolding – Work platforms are supported by a sturdy base made from poles, brackets, and frames.
  • Suspended scaffolding – If supported scaffolding is unpractical for the job, scaffolding can be suspended from the roof.
  • Rolling scaffolding – the base of scaffolding can have wheels installed. This enables the scaffolding to move.

2 – Repairs and Renovations

Buildings are rarely knocked down or demolished unless they have exceeded their lifespan. This is why repairs and renovations are regularly conducted to maintain the structural integrity and safety of buildings.

When it comes to historical structures and landmarks, repairs and renovations are all the more important in order to preserve the culture and identity they represent. In some cases, famous buildings and landmarks need to be reconstructed, which is where scaffolding is needed as well. In such cases, customized scaffolding may be used to meet the unique challenges of working on the structure. For instance, scaffolding must not rest or touch the surface of statue. Engineers will usually turn to special scaffolding designs for these.

3 – Events 

Last but not the least, scaffolding is also widely used by the events and entertainment industry. From concert and live events stages, to lights and sound systems, scaffolding is used for different applications. For example, grandstand seating may be temporarily assembled in an arena or outdoor stadium for a major concert if a large volume of people are expected to attend.

Since scaffolding products are modular in their design and use, they can be built over, under, and around almost any project specification. However, only trained professionals should oversee the construction and dismantling of scaffolding to comply with safety regulations.

While there are many firms that provide scaffolding rental services, the general public is recommended to work only with firms that have a proven track record of success and safety. Don’t wait around, contact Alloy Access today for new or used scaffold towers or if your looking to hire.

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