Should You Rent or Buy Scaffolding?

“Should I hire or buy scaffolding?”

This may be a question that you are struggling with but there is no right or wrong answer.

The following points should make your answer somewhat easier.

Reasons to Hire Scaffolding:

  • The project is expected to be completed in 3 months or less
  • The project height is at a height of over 6 meters
  • The project may be on a curve or have an awkward shape and so hired scaffolding may be required
  • You are unfamiliar or unqualified to build, erect, and dismantle your own scaffolding

Reasons to Buy Scaffolding:

  • The project may be expected to be completed after 3 months
  • The scaffold you need is 6 meters tall or less
  • The project is simple, and involves only straight line elevations
  • You have a safety program in place, as well as fully trained personnel qualified to safely erect and dismantle scaffolding

At Alloy Access, we are dedicated to providing high quality scaffolding. If you are looking for new or used scaffold towers for sale or if your looking to hire, then contact us today!

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