Scaffold Tower Facts

Scaffold towers are used all over the world to get the job done in high places. They are unique pieces of equipment that allow people to build or repair things that are too far off the ground to reach safely by ladder. Among other things, they help people carry out work such as roof repair. You can either buy your own scaffolding or rent it, whichever works out best for you.

Scaffolding is simply a structure made from metal poles and planks that is held together by couplers and other attaching devices. Most scaffolding is made from steel and wood products. The framework itself is generally composed of metal and the platforms and planks are wood. Some scaffolds are fixed while others are mobile.

Mobile scaffolding is freestanding and can be moved about by its casters and wheels which are placed on the bottom of its poles. It doesn’t have to be disassembled and reassembled each time that it is moved. This makes it preferable when you need to do work over a large area. This type of scaffolding, however, can prove to be dangerous if its wheels aren’t locked properly once it is in place.

Fixed scaffolds are built, in place, right next to your building or home. Putlog fixed scaffolding has uprights placed against its outer edge and is supported against the adjacent structure. Independent fixed scaffolding has uprights on both sides of its platforms and doesn’t use the adjacent structure for support.

Another common type of scaffolding is suspended and used mostly on high-rise buildings for window washing purposes. The scaffolding is basically just a platform that can be raised up and down the structure as needed. This type of non-towering scaffolding is commonly used today.

Scaffold towers are wonderful ways to do construction and repair work on your home as long as you are careful when selecting the type of scaffold you want. Be sure to find out warranty information before you buy. Also, inquire about safety precautions and installation instructions and make sure that the company you choose has an excellent customer service department.

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