2.5M Double Width Tower For Sale

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The 2.5M Double Width Mobile Scaffold Tower is an ideal access solution for those jobs where a ladder is not sufficient. Easy to erect and include castors in order that the tower may be easily moved when erected. The single width tower provides a stable and safe platform to work upon.

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The original premium lightweight industrial aluminum modular access tower system features:

  • Ribbed rung tubing for increased grip
  • 3T – Through the Trap build method
  • Primed brace claw mechanism
  • Ease of brace identification
  • Horizontal braces used as guardrails
  • Floating frame spigots
  • Self cleaning adjustable legs
  • Castors with compact trail/no trail positive locking brake mechanism
  • Deck board edge protection provided by aluminium deck profile
  • Easy to use toeboard system
  • Lift shaft/confined space stabiliser available
  • More rigid construction
  • Clean lines

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