How to Carry Out a Risk Assessment for Working at Height

Complete risk assessments should be conducted by employers when the job requires working at heights. With plenty of jobs at the risk of danger and accidents, building and construction seem to be the most accident prone. This is due to the risk of falling off of the scaffold tower.

Carrying out risk assessments are important as they save employers from the massive costs and trouble associated with handling accidents. Proper safety gear and industrial grade scaffold towers should be provided to supplement the risk assessments.

Measuring the Probability and Severity of a Hazard is as Follows:

Availability of Safest Equipment and Gear 

If you are an employer, make the job safer and easier for workers by providing the highest quality gear and equipment. A high-quality aluminium scaffold tower is a lightweight option that minimizes the risk of injury in case the tower falls on an employee.

The option of mobile scaffold towers allow for better mobility. The risk of falling from height during movement is much more reduced. Safety gear such as helmets should always be provided. The use of theses should be officially enforced.

Identification of Safer Access

Your employees don’t need to risk their safety to access higher places. In many cases, the desired location is accessible through safer means such as staircases or platforms with railings. Make sure safer routes and means are encouraged even if they cost a little more time to reach the desired location. However, if there is no other means, always make sure the workers are using the highest quality scaffold towers.

Analyze the Secondary Risks

The surroundings and terrain are secondary factors that can provide more risk than the height itself. Huge and sharp objects surrounding the scaffold tower can multiply the risk even if the fall isn’t too high. If possible, employers should make sure the perimeter is clear, and traffic around the area is limited as much as possible.

You should always invest in higher quality equipment and scaffold towers to minimize the risk of accidents. You can find a wide range of suitable scaffold towers provided by Alloy Access.

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